The Wild Rose Healing Center is situated on an old horse farm, in a beautiful rural setting, with gardens, brook, pond, trees, and fields 5 miles south of Mt. Vernon, Ohio. The Center offers alternative and complementary healing in the form of Reiki and Cranio Sacral Therapies for you and/or your animals. Clientele consists of people and animals of all sorts, incliding competition horses, sport dogs, and cherished family pets. We also have a lovely resort room over looking a pond, garden and pasture with a spa-like bath available for a very private retreat.

Traveling healing is also an option. For an additional trip charge,
Reiki and Cranio Sacral Therapies can be brought to your home.

Benefits of Reiki and Cranio Sacral Therapy

All of God’s creation, “Great and Small”, benefit from Reiki and Cranio Sacral therapies. These alternative healing modalities are designed to stimulate, replenish and balance the body’s natural energy system, prmote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, reduce stress and enhance immune system functions. Both modalities enhance the body’s natural inclination to heal itself. Mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of one;s self are all connected energetically and disease can be considered a disruption in an area that is reflected or revealed in another area. Stress in any of these areas can be alleviated and healing induced by the use of Reiki and Cranio Sacral.

Though the spiritual component of animal species is debatable, it can not be denied they have minds, bodies and emotions. And therefore respond very positively to alternative energy therapy, mentally, physically, and emotionally. They ask for it, they enjoy it and they thrive with it.