Equine Therapeutic Interaction



The Sanctuary offers Equine Therapeutic Interaction to those interested in experiencing the benefits of interaction with horses. Working with horses is known to be soothing, therapeutic and empowering. Horses, those strong, intelligent creatures, are sensitive and can be very gentle and willing. Instinctively, their primal desire is to obey and please. Intuitive, they can sense human emotion of all sorts and being generous of spirit, they can respond with kindness and affection.

Anyone who has dogs or cats for pets, know that these animals offer unconditional love and ask for nothing more than their human to love them in return. (I take that back, they also ask for food and play. Smile)

Horses are similar in their response to kind attention. Also, simply being in their presence, with the least interaction, as I’ve said, is soothing.

Clients will be working privately one on one with a horse of their choice under the guidance and supervision of Marion. Some basic techniques of Shiatsu, a form of massage, will be taught to the client who will employ these techniques upon the horse, if desired. Another technique we will explore is the Tellington TTouch ® Method, developed by Linda Tellington-Jones PhD. TTouch is therapy for animals that you can easily learn, practice on the horses and take home with you to use on your own animals.

Other forms of simple interaction will be utilized according the client’s needs, experience and wishes. All of the work involved will occur on the ground. There will be no riding. You will be introduced to and can practice basic ground exercises and training methods.




Questions are most welcome! Call or email Rose 740-507-7718