* Our barn has between 10 and 17 12′ x 12′ matted stalls available.
* 110′ x 60′ indoor riding arena, with a portable 60′ round pen set up in it.
* Outdoor grass 110′ x 105′ riding paddock
* Two 100′ x 100′ short turnout grass paddocks are available for multiple night stays.


* Overnight stays:
Rates are $25 per night, per stall
* Weekly rate $100, per stall
* Bi-weekly rate $150, per stall
* Tri-weekly rate $200, per stall
* Monthly rate $225 per month
* Reiki and CranioSacral rates are $35/half hour, $60/hour
* If you are not staying overnight, but coming in for Equine Therapy, i.e. Reiki and/or CranioSacral Therapy, there is no stall charge.
* Multi-night stays that include Equine Therapy will be discounted.
* All horses staying with us over night, require current negative Coggins results, current vaccinations for West Nile, Potomac Fever, Eastern & Western sleeping sickness, tetanus & flu, and, if they are to be turned out, to have been recently wormed (within last 6 weeks).
* Online payment required in advance, or cash on site.

* 24 hour vet care
We have four Veterinarian Clinics in the area who share after hours emergency care service.
Mt. Vernon Animal Hospital ( located 15 minutes away, has two vets on call, Dr. Robert C. Krueger, DVM and Dr. Kelly Kirby, DVM.
* Horse training is available for $450/month
* Riding and riding lessons are available, prices vary.